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Every day, noon and evening.



Starter + Main Dish or Main Dish + Dessert

Starter + Main Dish + Dessert: 18.50 €


  • Melted goats’ cheese salad with walnuts and hone
  • French onion soup
  • Salad with gizzard and bacon confit with toasted croutons
  • Duck foie gras terrine cooked in Tariquet wine and 4 spices (+3€)

Main Dishes

  • Grilled beef steak with a Bordelaise sauce and chips
  • Veal’s head in a Gribiche sauce accompanied by seasonal vegetables
  • Grilled sea bream in a shrimp sauce with aromatic rice
  • Grandma’s pork cheek confit cooked in red wine accompanied by steamed potatoes

Cheese and desserts

  • Chocolate cake with a chocolate sauce and crème anglaise (sup ice cream +1.5€)
  • Crème brûlée with Grand Marnier
  • Crepe with sugar, or “Nutella”, Chantilly cream and toasted almonds (sup ice cream +1.5€)
  • French style caramel and salted butter bread pudding (sup ice cream +1.5€)
  • Selection of Ice cream and sorbets (2 SCOOPS)
    Chocolate, coffee, pistachio, marron, rum and grappes, vanilla, caramel, coconut, passion fruit, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, apricot, blackcurrant, pear and lime

Kids Menu


For kids up to 8 years old

Main Dishes

  • Burger Steak served with Fries or Rice
  • Chicken Nuggets with Fries or Rice
  • Fish Dips with Fries or Rice


  • Ice cream (2 scoops)
  • Crêpe
    (sugar or “Nutella”)



Oysters N° 3

Marennes-Oléron or Arcachon

(depending on arrivals)

  • plate of 6 oysters 12€
  • plate of 9 oysters 17€
  • plate of 12 oysters 24€



  • Mixed platter of cold meat and cheeses 13.5€
    + bottle of wine 25.5€
    (Sauvignon or Bordeaux supérieur or Clairet)
  • Gourmet platter 18€
  • Cold meat platter 12.5€
  • Cheese Platter 12.5€
  • Duck foie gras toast 11.5€
  • Homemade Duck Foie Gras Toasts 11.5€
  • Six Serrano ham croquettes 9€
  • Six codfish beignets 9€
  • Selection of the current Catalan cured pork sausage 6€
  • Battered and fried shrimp with sweet and sour sauce 9.5€
  • Rabas with a béarnaise sauce 8.5€
    (fried calamari)
  • “Paté Apéro” (Paté appetiser 130g) 8.5€
    (Espelette Pepper and Grilled Toasts)
  • Roasted camembert with walnuts and honey 11€



  • Gourmande Sud-Ouest salad 17.5€
    (Mixture of lettuces and seasonal vegetables, foie gras, smoked duck breast, gizzard, walnuts and pine nuts, garlic toast.)
    (Lettuce with cured ham, speck, coppa, poached egg, parmesan cheese, artichoke heart, tomatoes with mozarella and pesto)
  • Caesar salad 15.5€
    (Mixture of iceberg and romaine lettuce, breaded chicken strips, parmesan cheese, garlic toasted croutons, cherry tomatoes and a poached egg)

Our card evolves during the seasons

The Card


  • Three types of duck foie gras 13.5€
    Truffle foie gras crème brûlée, mi-cuit foie gras terrine cooked in 4 spices, pan-fried escalope of foie gras in a pear sauce with saffron and citronella
  • Shrimp gyoza, Thai way 11.5€
    Lightly spiced seafood broth, lemon leaf and galangal, with julienne carrots, mushrooms and ginger
  • House marinated salmon carpaccio 11€
    Served with crispy puff pastry, onion cream with fine herbs and nuts
  • Oysters N° 3 Marennes-Oléron or Arcachon (depending on arrivals)
    12€ for 6, 17€ for 9, 24€ for 12

The Card


Homemade Brioche Bread, “Black Angus” Steak, Chief Sauce, served with Fries and Salad

  • The Cheeseburger 16€
    (Steak, bacon, cheese, onion, tomato, pickles, rocket and house sauce)

  • The South West 18.5€
    (Served with crispy puff pastry, onion cream with fine herbs and nuts)
  • The Basque Burger 17€
    (Steak, smoked pancetta, sheep cheese, onion confit, piquillo peppers, tomato, pickles, rocket and house sauce)

Any change may result in an additional charge

The Card

Main Dishes

  • Braised veal gizzards with cream of mixed mushrooms and mashed potatoes 24€
  • Grilled goose breast, sauce reduction, milk cap mushrooms, wild asparagus tips and potato gratin ( sup pan fried foie gras +3,5 € ) 21.5€
  • Grilled salmon with leek fondue, shrimp sauce and browned new potatoes 19.5€

The Card


  • Tea or café gourmand 7.5€
  • Profiteroles made of canelé pastry with chocolate sauce, Chantilly cream and toasted almonds 7€
  • Chocolate sphere with citrus-flavoured rice pudding, pistachio cream and puffed rice 7.5€
  • Pineapple roasted in honey and sweet spices, vanilla ice cream, passion fruit coulis and lime lace tuiles 7€
  • Cured sheep cheese, piquillo pepper confit, walnut bread and mesclun 7€