At any time, the most beautiful terrace of Bordeaux

Place du Parlement, in the heart of the Saint-Pierre district,
the restaurant L'Ombrière welcomes you 7 days a week, from 9.00 a.m to 2.00 a.m.



Starter + Main Dish or Main Dish + Dessert

Starter + Main Dish + Dessert: 18.50 €


  • Goat cheese salad with nuts and honey
  • Typical French onion soup
  • The poached egg onion and bacon with cream
  • Gizzards and bacon salad
  • Homemade duck foie gras terrine with Tariquet and 4 spices (+3€)

Main Dishes

  • Grilled beef served with Bordelaise sauce (red wine and shallots) and French fries
  • Head of veal, gribiche sauce accompagned cooking vegetables
  • “The fisherman pot” with grenaille potatoes and aioli
  • “The chicken green curry pot” with apples, pineapples and aromatic rice
  • Peeled poached Shrimps with citronella, coconut milk and Chinese noodles

Cheese and desserts

  • Sugar or “Nutella” crêpe with whipped cream and grilled almonds (sup ice cream +1.5€)
  • Brioche French Toast with caramel sauce (sup ice cream +1.5€)
  • “Grand Marnier” Crème Brûlée
  • Selection of Ice cream and sorbets (2 SCOOPS)
    Chocolate, coffee, pistachio, marron, rum and grappes, vanilla, caramel, coconut, passion fruit, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, apricot, blackcurrant, pear and lime
  • Vanilla panna cotta with apple crumble
  • Chocolate cake with vanilla custard and chocolate sauce (sup ice cream +1.5€)

Kids Menu


For kids up to 8 years old

Main Dishes

  • Burger Steak served with Fries or Rice
  • Chicken Nuggets with Fries or Rice
  • Fish Dips with Fries or Rice


  • Ice cream (2 scoops)
  • Crêpe
    (sugar or “Nutella”)